Liquidity for Sellers Opportunity for Buyers

Rapaport RapCash™

RapCash™ is a new Rapaport service designed to provide liquidity to those wishing to sell diamonds and jewelry. The big idea behind RapCash is to get fair market prices for sellers by offering their diamonds and jewelry to multiple buyers. Competition will then drive up the price so that it’s fair to sellers.  Our Rapaport Tender Auction process notifies sellers of the highest bid price and they can then decide whether-or-not to sell.

The key driving force behind fair market prices is competition. This works for buyers as well as sellers because the buyers are the ones setting the prices they are willing to pay. Buyers have great opportunities to purchase from motivated sellers they just have to make sure the prices they offer are fairly competitive.
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Rapaport Brokerage Services is also available to assist with the sale of products that might not be suitable for short term auctions. Whatever you wish to sell, from melee to individual jewelry pieces worth millions of dollars the Rapaport team is here to help. We would like to build a relationship with you so please contact us at [email protected] for personal service. You might also wish to visit for additional information.