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Dear Friends, 

Thanks for reaching out to us about diamond prices. 

The purchase of an important diamond is an emotional and financial decision requiring a reasonable level of expertise. Getting the right diamond at the right price is not easy because even a slight difference in quality can have a major impact on price. 

The challenge for most consumers is to get good value. Not necessarily the most perfect diamond at the highest possible price or a poorquality cheap diamond. You should consider something reasonable that will hold and increase value over time. 

A good place to start is a one carat H color, VS2 clarity, excellent cut diamond with a GIA grading report that meets our RapSpec A3 standard. Consider this a base line starting point for making a decision about what to buy and how much to spend. 

It’s all about Size and Quality 

You can increase or decrease your initial budget by adjusting two primary factors – quality and size. Our diamond price table can help you think about the tradeoff between size, quality and price. The diamond prices provided in the table are based on the benchmark Rapaport Price List. Professional dealers generally trade among themselves at 20% to 30% below the List.  

Finally, there is one more important factor to consider when finalizing your price decision. From whom do you want to buy your diamond? What level of service do they offer? Is the diamond ethically sourced? Can they provide custom design for the diamond setting? Are they a brand that adds value to the diamond? 

A good way to think about this, is the premium you should pay for the added value provided by the seller. The same diamond will be priced differently if you buy it from Costco, Blue Nile, your local Jeweler or Tiffany. 

If you desire a reasonable level of custom design, personal service or brand value you should budget an additional 20% to 30% for the retailer or designer serving you. 

Retailers Deserve A Profit 

I encourage you to think about the retailer premium as a worthwhile expense. Your purchase of an important diamond is a lifetime event. The diamond jewelry will be with you and your family for generations. Remember, this is an emotional event not just a financial transaction.  

Think of your diamond as a would a vacation. You can stay at a Motel 6, a nice Air-BNB, or a luxury fivestar resort. All represent good value and you should expect to get what you pay for. Should you splurge on the diamond purchase? It’s up to you. From our perspective the key is ensuring good value for any quality you buy and price you pay. 

If you would like to contact us for personal advice regarding the purchase of an important diamond or learn more about how to buy diamonds, please complete the Contact Us form. Your information will be kept confidential and not shared with any third parties.  

A member of our team will be in touch with you and you will be given access to additional Rapaport information related to ethical diamond sourcing, recycled diamonds/jewelry and why we believe the purchase of synthetic diamonds is a very bad deal. 

Yours truly, 

Martin Rapaport 
Rapaport Group  

[email protected] 

US $ Price For Round Diamonds

Commercial Quality


Commercial Quality

$ 330
$ 900
$ 1,470
$ 3,600
$ 6,900
$ 11,600
$ 25,500
$ 40,000
$ 62,500


$ 570
$ 1,750
$ 3,010
$ 7,300
$ 13,500
$ 24,000
$ 52,500
$ 94,000
$ 150,000

Investment Quality

$ 750
$ 2,150
$ 3,920
$ 10,500
$ 20,100
$ 42,000
$ 97,500
$ 174,000
$ 290,000

Source: Rapaport Price List - 12/29/2020

GIA Grated Per RapSpec A3, Price Per Stone.
© Copyright 2020-2021 by Rapaport USA Inc.

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